Class Photographer for the day #1

At the end of each week we discover who is our Dojo winner of the week.  This is very exciting and usually it is very close!  The winner (or winners) gets to select a reward from the Dojo Chart.  So far winners have chosen to lunch with the teacher out on the school deck, having a soft toy day, swapping their sit for the wobble chair, moving their desk, and a few others.  When Jack B was the winner, he selected to have the class camera for a day.  After a few technical difficulties, Jack got to take as many photos as he liked.  At the end of the day we watched his photos.  This is what we saw:

Looks like Jack might be a budding photographer 🙂

6 thoughts on “Class Photographer for the day #1

  1. Wow- Jack! You really captured a lot of the wonderful learning that our class does. I also loved seeing all of the smiling faces of our classmates!

  2. Hey Miss. M, I want to tell Jack B he did a really good job. I’m impressed. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. Thank you.

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