Inquiry wonderings: TEETH health

This week we have been FINDING OUT about teeth care.  Some of the wonderings we had included:

What ingredients go in tooth paste?  How can we stop out teeth from going yellow?  How can we look after our teeth?  What happens if we don’t brush our teeth?

As we read information texts on this topic, we learned how to take notes (recorded in key words) and Miss M modelled how to turn noted into your own summary.

We read information texts found on some websites.  We also viewed this YouTube Clip:

Kim (Oscar B in Grade 3’s mum) commented on an earlier post.  She shared a link to a very useful website (  On the website I found this great pamphlet:


Read this together as a family – it could be recorded in your Reading Journal.  Thanks Kim for helping us out.

What is the most important thing we discovered about looking after the health of our teeth?  Do we still have any TEETH CARE wonderings?

3 thoughts on “Inquiry wonderings: TEETH health

  1. Hi 2MS!
    Thanks for sharing all of your great work with us this term. We have actually done a little experiment about teeth brushing at our house recently – Brodie’s little 4 year old brother often refuses to brush his teeth so I found this activity using an egg at the following website:
    It actually worked and he hasn’t refused to brush his teeth since!
    Hope you all have a great Easter.
    Lauren (Brodie’s mum)

  2. I checked out the website. Love it! I wonder who else might need this encouragement? Happy Easter to your family too.

  3. Hi Miss M,
    I have a chart at home that I use to keep track of how many days I have brushed my teeth. I am just about to watch the video!!

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