Holiday Check Up

Getting plenty of rest and having time for relaxation are important strategies to help us stay healthy and to be switched on for learning. We have had a great first term and have earned a rest over the holidays.

However, there may be some students who will need some help filling their days. Some ideas could include:

* read to someone
* check out the Maths posts below for some worksheets & games to reinforce making numbers and addition
* do some of the activities on Studyladder
* write a recount about something fun you get to do (remember to think of interesting OPENERS and to use lots of CONNECTORS)
* practice your writing & typing by making a comment on a post – remember to use capital letters, PUNCTUATION and correct spelling

Here are a few more sheets that could be printed:
Oxford Wordlist



Adding Ten

part part whole blank copy

I look forward to some messages about what you have been doing on the holidays.