Super Power ME

This term our inquiry learning has been helping us to build a positive classroom environment where we can all be SUPER learners.  We have explored how we have been made in God’s image and through baptism become part of God’s family.  Each one of us is unique and we each have the responsibility to care and respect ourselves.Health-Pictures-For-Kids

When it comes to respecting and caring for our bodies, what do you think are the most important actions or choices we need to make?

We have been forming some WONDERINGS about our Top 5 actions.  By the ned of term we are hoping to turn these wonderings into discoveries.  2MS had a lot of wonderings about dental care.  It would be great to have an expert help us out to answer some of these wonderings.  If anyone is or knows a dentist or dental hygienist, please let us know 🙂 

Place Value

41b22b737b4b2097ea57896e020b2af2Our focus in Maths for the beginning of Term One has been PLACE VALUE.  Place value is understanding the value of a digit based on its place in a number.  In Year Two, we are learning to recognise, model, represent and order numbers to at least 1000.  We have made ourselves a set of Place Value Arrow Cards.  We have used Base Ten blocks to model numbers and worked on being able to record the extended notation of numbers. MAB

You could print a set of cards to use at home: Arrow Cards – colour

You might like to practice thinking about numbers by working on NumberOfTheDay_worksheet

Have you told mum and dad about how we used the program Kidspiration in the computer Lab to show our understanding of numbers?