Super Power Me: Action Teams

After finding out and sorting out the answers to all our wonderings, we got back into our expert teams.  Each team was given the challenge to decide on the most important discoveries we made about what we can do to super power ourselves and be as happy & healthy as we can be each day.  We then invited some Year Six mentors to come and work with us to create short iMovies to share our learning…

This was the first time Year Two students have been asked to make an iMovie.  We have reflected on the process.  Many things Worked Well and there are things we can improve on next time…

Here is the Super Sleeper movie: “Why do we need sleep?”

And the iMovie from the Sugar Stoppers: “What should we eat and why is too much sugar bad for us?”

The Sporty Gang explain why we need to exercise (they are a little hard to hear – next time everyone needs to be filmed close up):

The Germ Defenders have some important advice about “How can we not spread germs?”

The Water Warriors are here to tell us about “What happens if you dehydrate?”

IMG 0291 from Miss M on Vimeo.

Celebrating ANZAC Day

As I went for a walk this morning, I walked past my local monument to honour those who have served our country in war.  It was surrounded by floral tributes and wreaths.  What did you do or see this weekend that celebrated ANZAC Day?


What can we learn about ADJECTIVES & ADVERBS from books?

We are beginning a writing unit focusing on the genre of DESCRIPTION.  In order to write descriptive texts we need to build our understanding of how to best use ADJECTIVES & ADVERBS.  Great authors do this really well.  Through reading we can build our bank of descriptive words.

This week we listened to Nick Bland’s “The VERY cranky bear”.  This story has lots of descriptive language.

What adjectives and adverbs are in this story?

What are some other examples of ADVERBS (words that describe ‘HOW’ – the degree)?

Have you read another picture book that has lots of adjectives & adverbs in it?

(You could  re-read some picture books at home for your Reading Journal this week. As you do make a list of great descriptive words you spot.)

You may like to have another go at creating a character of your own and record a short description…

Create & Describe a character

ANZAC Day 2015: 100 years

In Week Two our Reading activities are all going to help us learn about ANZAC DAy.  Every year, the 25th of April is national day to commemorate (or remember) the brave men and women who served out country during times of war.

Through our activities hopefully we will discover:

What ANZAC stand for?
What is ANZAC day really about?
Why is this day special to our country?
How do people commemorate ANZAC Day today?
What is ‘The Last Post’?

In our Listening to Reading activity we will visit these websites:

Addition Strategies

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 8.02.50 pmThis week we explored two new strategies to solve addition equations: the jump strategy and the split strategy.  These strategies involve us using lots of different thinking.

The jump strategy uses the thinking of visualising a number line.  We need to break one of the addends into tens and ones to add it on.


The Split Strategy also requires us to think about place value.  It can look like these examples…

photo4-2i4vj1esplit strategySplit strategy 2

Being able to add tens onto a number is a really important skill for both of these strategies to work.  You might like to practise adding tens to a number.  For example: 23 + 10, 56 + 30, 67 + 20.

Can you show mum and dad how you can use these two strategies?

Super Power Me: food wonderings

Today we began to find out some facts about our healthy food wonderings. One of them was ‘what is in food that makes it healthy?’  We know some words like minerals, nutrients and vitamins. We had some special guest teachers came to talk to us.  Students from 1S came and taught us about their food discoveries. They told us that fruit and vegetables have lots of vitamins.  This is why we should eat 5 serves of veg & 2 serves of fruit each day.

What we still don’t know is which vitamins are in which foods and what they do for us.  I wonder who can find out this at home?

I look forward to some new discoveries….

Term Two: Hospitality

As we begin Term Two, we enter the season of Easter and have a new Gospel Value to explore.  We will be exploring our call to HOSPITALITY – welcoming the stranger.  How can we show welcome to people at school?  Fr Steven always says that God’s love does not fall from the sky, it comes from us…  If each one of us is God, how can we share this?