Addition Strategies

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 8.02.50 pmThis week we explored two new strategies to solve addition equations: the jump strategy and the split strategy.  These strategies involve us using lots of different thinking.

The jump strategy uses the thinking of visualising a number line.  We need to break one of the addends into tens and ones to add it on.


The Split Strategy also requires us to think about place value.  It can look like these examples…

photo4-2i4vj1esplit strategySplit strategy 2

Being able to add tens onto a number is a really important skill for both of these strategies to work.  You might like to practise adding tens to a number.  For example: 23 + 10, 56 + 30, 67 + 20.

Can you show mum and dad how you can use these two strategies?

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