ANZAC Day 2015: 100 years

In Week Two our Reading activities are all going to help us learn about ANZAC DAy.  Every year, the 25th of April is national day to commemorate (or remember) the brave men and women who served out country during times of war.

Through our activities hopefully we will discover:

What ANZAC stand for?
What is ANZAC day really about?
Why is this day special to our country?
How do people commemorate ANZAC Day today?
What is ‘The Last Post’?

In our Listening to Reading activity we will visit these websites:

10 thoughts on “ANZAC Day 2015: 100 years

  1. I know what ANZAC stands for…. Australian New Zealand Army Corps. I have also been to the shrine in the city with all the Year 1’s for our excursion.

  2. That is great Zara and really good remembering. I wonder what others remember about visiting the Shrine?

  3. This is fantastic. William has been talking about this for sometime and asking questions. My husband and I back in our travel days had the honour of going to Gallipoli for ANZAC Day, it was a surreal moment and the feelings you got inside picturing it was something we will never forget. I look forward to hearing what Will has to say.

  4. I can only imagine what an experience that would be. Do you have any photos of this that Will might be able to bring to share on Friday?

  5. I know 2 of the singers of “Spirit Of The ANZACs. Jessica Malboy and Guy Sebastian!

  6. I remember going to the shrine as well. And I remember putting a poppy in that wall in the video there were lots of poppys hanging from that wall

  7. I can answer the first and the third question.
    ANZAC stands for Australia, New Zealand, Army Corps. ANZAC DAY is all about remembering the soldiers who fought for us in war and died for us in war.
    Hi Miss M and Mrs S !

  8. ANZAC day is about the people who fought there lives for us so we have to remember them. I feel sorry for them.

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