Super Power Me: Action Teams

After finding out and sorting out the answers to all our wonderings, we got back into our expert teams.  Each team was given the challenge to decide on the most important discoveries we made about what we can do to super power ourselves and be as happy & healthy as we can be each day.  We then invited some Year Six mentors to come and work with us to create short iMovies to share our learning…

This was the first time Year Two students have been asked to make an iMovie.  We have reflected on the process.  Many things Worked Well and there are things we can improve on next time…

Here is the Super Sleeper movie: “Why do we need sleep?”

And the iMovie from the Sugar Stoppers: “What should we eat and why is too much sugar bad for us?”

The Sporty Gang explain why we need to exercise (they are a little hard to hear – next time everyone needs to be filmed close up):

The Germ Defenders have some important advice about “How can we not spread germs?”

The Water Warriors are here to tell us about “What happens if you dehydrate?”

IMG 0291 from Miss M on Vimeo.

11 thoughts on “Super Power Me: Action Teams

  1. Fantastic work 2MS! You’ve asked some really interesting questions and given great answers!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Sally. Our wonderings were really good. We did some great finding out and sorting out to get the information ready for our movies. I was super proud of 2MS 🙂

  3. Hi Miss M,
    I loved making the iMovie with my year 6 mentor! My favourite movie was the Germ Defenders. They did a great job. Thank you for letting us use the iPads to make the iMovie!

  4. I am glad Zara. I think it is something we will plan to do again 🙂

  5. I really loved making the iMovies. I hope when I am in grade 6 I will be a mentor.

  6. Great feedback Chloe! I wonder what you could be a mentor for now. You already have lots of skills that other classmates or younger classmates could learn from 🙂 I’ll put my thinking cap on.

  7. I saw my team. I was in the super sleepers. In my team there are Chloe, Emily, Lucus and Jack C. I found it really interesting and a bit funny.

  8. Well done 2MS. I enjoyed all the videos and I found them really funny and super informative. I hope you do something like this again!!

  9. Thanks Jasmine 🙂 Great feedback! Hope you are having lots of learning fun in Year Four too.

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