Week 7 Update

This week we have been very busy.  Tuesday morning we went to a special indigenous incursion.  We heard about Reconciliation Week.  We acted out as Australian native animals – kookaburras, dingoes, kangaroos, echidnas and the platypus.  Mia and Cat were the guest speakers and they painted our faces.

We have also had a Year Two safety line challenge.  Our grade has been on fire!  We have worked as a team together to make sure our line is straight, quiet and all sitting quickly. We have received lots of DOJOS for our great effort.  Well Done 2MS 🙂

Another challenge we have started is in our Inquiry.  We have begun a Kid’s Design Challenge.

Can you explain to mum or dad the steps in the design process and what your idea is?

What has been something in your classroom learning or behaviour that you are proud of this week?


Speedy Subtraction!

In Maths,  we are exploring all about SUBTRACTION.  In Year Two it is important that we learn a variety of ways to solve subtraction equations, including thinking in our minds and different written strategies.  This is made easier when you can recall basic subtraction facts and they become known or automatic.

What do you do to get quicker at recalling single digit facts (like 8 -3, 10 – 6, 15 -7, etc.)?  

Kimochi Update

17460_zoom1In the last few weeks we have met a couple more Kimochi friends and role-played some new strategies to help us problem solve in our friendships.  Cat is an interesting character and I think we can all be a bit like Cat sometimes.

How does Cat sometimes act? 

In our latest session, we talked about ways to get the attention of someone.  What are the steps we should take? 

In one of our role plays Huggs was pushing in.  When Huggs was told she was doing the wrong thing, what did she do that was right?  How can we learn from Huggs?

Can you explain to mum or dad which Kimochi character you think you are most like and why?


Me on a map

We have completed a unit of Maths focusing on location.  We have been learning skills about maps and using directional language.  A new skill was drawing bird’s eye view maps.

3cfd3243-c99e-401e-b484-de7cdb2a1cbd_zps757742a7Who can draw a bird’s eye view map of their bedroom? house? backyard?

What familiar locations can you find on this map?

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 5.02.38 pm

Does someone in your family still have a MELWAY?  Can you find your street in it? Can you find our school?


Dental Care

IMG_6509Who can tell me about the dental care visit?  Was there any interesting information given to you?  Did you learn something new? Were we on the right track from our inquiry learning?



Happy Mother’s Day

mothers-day-quotes-14All week we have been thinking and talking about all the countless things our mums do for us everyday.  Many acts of love go unthanked but it is clear to see that they are greatly appreciated.  Wishing all our 2MS mums a very happy day.

Each one of us wants to say:mothers-day-quotes-for-kids-7

Dojo weekly winners update

Chloe was the Dojo winner of Week Two.  She will be having lunch with Mrs S soon (I promise!).

Sam was the Dojo weekly winner of Week Three.  He decided we should have a soft toy day.  So on Friday lots of students in 2MS had a special friend with them. Their soft toys listened to The Twits, they learnt about drawing bird’s eye view maps and they defined the difference between NATURAL & BUILT features.

I wonder if you could write a descriptive snapshot about one of these toys. Would we be able to guess which toy you were describing? I would love to read some descriptions about these toys 🙂

Dreamtime stories

As part of our new Inquiry “No place like home” we have started by exploring the creation stories of our faith and the indigenous dreamtime stories.

Dreamtime stories belong to the Indigenous people and they teach us a lesson or they explain something about creation.  This week in our “Listening to reading” rotation you are to read or view different examples of Dreamtime stories.

As you read or listen to these stories think to yourself:

  • What was the purpose of the Dreamtime story?
  • Who was your favourite character and why?

Dreamtime stories to watch (scroll down a little)

Dreamtime stories to read

Kimochi Kids

This term the Year One and Two students are participating in a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program which uses Kimochis.

Social and emotional learning is the process through which children and adults acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to:

• Recognize and manage emotions
• Set and achieve positive goals
• Demonstrate care and concern for others
• Establish and maintain positive relationships
• Make responsible decisions
• Handle interpersonal situations effectively

Each Wednesday 2MS and 1C meet together and find out about ways the Kimochis can help us.

Kimochis are stuffed toys with feelings inside.  So far we have met three of the Kimochis… Cloud, Bug and Huggtopus.


Who can tell me something we have learnt from these characters? Who did we meet today?  What are some examples of friendly gestures?