Kimochi Kids

This term the Year One and Two students are participating in a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program which uses Kimochis.

Social and emotional learning is the process through which children and adults acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to:

• Recognize and manage emotions
• Set and achieve positive goals
• Demonstrate care and concern for others
• Establish and maintain positive relationships
• Make responsible decisions
• Handle interpersonal situations effectively

Each Wednesday 2MS and 1C meet together and find out about ways the Kimochis can help us.

Kimochis are stuffed toys with feelings inside.  So far we have met three of the Kimochis… Cloud, Bug and Huggtopus.


Who can tell me something we have learnt from these characters? Who did we meet today?  What are some examples of friendly gestures?

11 thoughts on “Kimochi Kids

  1. I know that Cloud is unpredictable. Bug wanted to be able to fly but he was scared. Huggtopus can sometimes be a bit silly and playful and can get into others personal space.

  2. Great summary Ruby! Who else can add some ideas of what we are learning from the Kimochis?

  3. That is a great summary by Ruby, isn’t it Miss M!
    If we learn about our feelings, we can be a better person and a better friend.
    Looking forward to hearing more.

  4. Lovey Dove is kind and loving. If the Kimochis had one mum it would be Lovey Dove.

  5. The new kimochi is Cat. Cat is bossy and she always wants to be the leader of things. Cat wants everything to go her way.

  6. Cat is persuaive and is a little bit bossy. She can talk people into playing what she wants to play when they don’t want to play it. But her friends still support her. Just like me!

  7. I wonder what would happen if Cat always acted like that. Would her friends keep supporting her?

  8. I think if Cat was bossy all the time all her friend’s might be mean or they might be nice. If they were mean they would walk away from Cat. If they were nice they would say stop bossing us around or we will stop being your friend. Then Cat will stop being bossy.

  9. On my computer, I copied the picture of the Komichis and typed up a little bit about them all. I love doing SEL!!

  10. Cool Zara. I would love to read your Kimochi descriptions 🙂 I am really enjoying learning about different strategies to help us all get along positively too!

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