Happy Mother’s Day

mothers-day-quotes-14All week we have been thinking and talking about all the countless things our mums do for us everyday.  Many acts of love go unthanked but it is clear to see that they are greatly appreciated.  Wishing all our 2MS mums a very happy day.

Each one of us wants to say:mothers-day-quotes-for-kids-7

Dojo weekly winners update

Chloe was the Dojo winner of Week Two.  She will be having lunch with Mrs S soon (I promise!).

Sam was the Dojo weekly winner of Week Three.  He decided we should have a soft toy day.  So on Friday lots of students in 2MS had a special friend with them. Their soft toys listened to The Twits, they learnt about drawing bird’s eye view maps and they defined the difference between NATURAL & BUILT features.

I wonder if you could write a descriptive snapshot about one of these toys. Would we be able to guess which toy you were describing? I would love to read some descriptions about these toys 🙂