Dojo weekly winners update

Chloe was the Dojo winner of Week Two.  She will be having lunch with Mrs S soon (I promise!).

Sam was the Dojo weekly winner of Week Three.  He decided we should have a soft toy day.  So on Friday lots of students in 2MS had a special friend with them. Their soft toys listened to The Twits, they learnt about drawing bird’s eye view maps and they defined the difference between NATURAL & BUILT features.

I wonder if you could write a descriptive snapshot about one of these toys. Would we be able to guess which toy you were describing? I would love to read some descriptions about these toys 🙂

24 thoughts on “Dojo weekly winners update

  1. Hi Miss M,
    I really liked taking the soft toys into class and having them on the floor. Thank-you for choosing to bring soft toys in Sam. I cannot wait until I get to have lunch with Mrs S.

  2. The toy I’m thinking about has two cute ears. They are the same colour as its eyes. This toy has a head as big as a full moon but its body is small. The patchy fur looks soft and fluffy. How could you resist giving it a cuddle?

    Who’s toy am I describing?

  3. Who can guess which toy I am describing?

    It has big, green eyes which are the same colour as the inside of the ear. It has sparkles all over it. It has a cute little nose. The owner’s name begins with the letter A and last name Z.

  4. I am not describing a bunny and I think maybe you described the same toy as me 🙂

  5. The toy I’m describing is black and white and grey. It also has a long tail.

  6. I saw a bunny with very long ears and it was pink. It had a fabric bow tie and pattern on the ears as well. Which toy am I describing?

  7. The toy that I am describing has a head as round as a full moon and two orange short feet. It is purple with black and white eyes.

    Can you guess which toy I am describing?

  8. Kobe is describing one of his best friend’s toy. It is Sam and Jackson’s toy.

  9. That is a great description Chloe! Love that you included a simile. I wonder who will guess?

  10. The toy I am describing has soft fur and a short tail. The fur is a light tan colour. The toy looks sleepy and cute, it has a little black nose and 4 legs.

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