Me on a map

We have completed a unit of Maths focusing on location.  We have been learning skills about maps and using directional language.  A new skill was drawing bird’s eye view maps.

3cfd3243-c99e-401e-b484-de7cdb2a1cbd_zps757742a7Who can draw a bird’s eye view map of their bedroom? house? backyard?

What familiar locations can you find on this map?

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 5.02.38 pm

Does someone in your family still have a MELWAY?  Can you find your street in it? Can you find our school?


Dental Care

IMG_6509Who can tell me about the dental care visit?  Was there any interesting information given to you?  Did you learn something new? Were we on the right track from our inquiry learning?