Dental Care

IMG_6509Who can tell me about the dental care visit?  Was there any interesting information given to you?  Did you learn something new? Were we on the right track from our inquiry learning?



5 thoughts on “Dental Care

  1. The dentist said not to rinse your mouth after brushing because the left overs of the toothpaste all clear your teeth properly.

  2. Always floss after brushing your teeth. You should be flossing by the time you are 7 with your parents help.

  3. Really Grace… I floss before I brush. I need to brush up on my teeth brushing 🙂

  4. I have brushed my teeth day and night for 28 days and 29 nights but I have brushing my teeth ever since I had teeth. I also learnt to not rinse your mouth out because it sits in there and kills all the bacteria and cavities.

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