Speedy Subtraction!

In Maths,  we are exploring all about SUBTRACTION.  In Year Two it is important that we learn a variety of ways to solve subtraction equations, including thinking in our minds and different written strategies.  This is made easier when you can recall basic subtraction facts and they become known or automatic.

What do you do to get quicker at recalling single digit facts (like 8 -3, 10 – 6, 15 -7, etc.)?  

Kimochi Update

17460_zoom1In the last few weeks we have met a couple more Kimochi friends and role-played some new strategies to help us problem solve in our friendships.  Cat is an interesting character and I think we can all be a bit like Cat sometimes.

How does Cat sometimes act? 

In our latest session, we talked about ways to get the attention of someone.  What are the steps we should take? 

In one of our role plays Huggs was pushing in.  When Huggs was told she was doing the wrong thing, what did she do that was right?  How can we learn from Huggs?

Can you explain to mum or dad which Kimochi character you think you are most like and why?