Kid’s Design Challenge Expo

This term our inquiry learning, “No place like home,” has culminated in a design challenge.  After finding out about natural and built features in our local area, we investigated an area around our school that we thought could be re-designed to ensure it better meets the need of our community.  We then followed the steps in a design brief: Kid’s Design Challenge brief.

The last step in the design process was to present our ideas to an audience and WOW what a great audience we had…

Thank you to all our school mates and family members who came to hear about the process we worked through, our ideas and to check out our models.  We are very proud of the work we did and received some great feedback.  Some of the feedback was positive, some of the feedback could help us improve our ideas even further.

2MS, what do you think were some of the best ideas we had?

Which step in the Design Challenge did you do your most learning in?

What skills did you develop?

6 thoughts on “Kid’s Design Challenge Expo

  1. WOW what a bunch of little talents and designers!! Each and every one of you should be so proud, as I am of you all. Your stories and pride of your ideas put a big smile on my face. Well Done 2MS 🙂

  2. I think some of the best ideas we had were to make a model because it was my favourite step and I think it was everyone else as well.

  3. I explained the steps not just to dad but to my pop too. I think Zara and I did most of our learning during making the model.

  4. My favourite step of the Kid’s Design Challenge was Create because we got to create an amazing model! thank you Miss. M and Mrs. S for letting us make a model!

  5. Thanks Grace. I meant our re-design ideas. For example I think painting a race track on the concrete is a great idea.

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