Make your own fluency texts

A really good way to improve your reading fluency (how smooth and paced your reading sounds) is to read short texts repeatedly.  In class we even sometimes time ourselves reading short texts.

I stumbled across this website that is a lot of fun.  Not only will you improve your knowledge of parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives) and spelling but you will also create short texts to practice reading.  This will improve your fluency 🙂


Fables online

We have been reading, deconstructing and learning to innovate FABLES.

This is a great website with many to read:

When working with the teacher, during Reading Groups, our focus has been on the CAFE (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency & Extending Vocabulary) strategy. Fables are perfect texts to help improve all these important elements of great reading 🙂

I wonder if you can have a go at making a fable innovation using this website: I tried.  It was a bit tricky but fun!

Movie Review: Inside Out

I went and saw a really great movie last night called Inside Out.


As I was watching I made a lot of connections to the Kimochis.  It is so important that we understand that we have different feelings and that we talk about them.  You need to make sure that one feeling is not taking charge all the time and that you make strong connections.  We all need to have strong personality islands – family, friends, hobbies, imagination, fun and HONESTY.

HONESTY is the Gospel value for Term Three and as many of the children in 2MS prepare to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation this will be a value we will talk a lot about.

Has anyone else seen Inside Out?  What did you like about? What can we learn from Riley and her ’emotions’?