Term Three Gospel Value: HONESTY

Why is it important to be HONEST?

What does it mean to be HONEST?

What did Jesus teach us about HONESTY? 

One thought on “Term Three Gospel Value: HONESTY

  1. Hi Year Two Children,

    I think it is really important to be honest because I always think that “The Worst Truth is Better Than The Best Lie!” I wonder if you can work out what I mean by that?

    It is always good to be truthful and honest because honesty helps build our strength of character and it also shows you have respect for not only others but for yourself. If you lie people may take a little while to trust you again…

    I can’t wait to read what you think it means to be Honest, I have lots of spare time waiting for Baby Ashworth so I look forward to keeping in touch through your blog!

    Work hard and be happy!

    Love Mrs Ashworth

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