How to be respectful when going to an art exhibition:

1. Walk around the art displays, slowly and quietly.

2. Keep your hands off the art.

3. Take your time to look at each piece.

4. Give compliments about what is great – keep negative comments to yourself.

5. Think about what you like and you might get some ideas about art pieces to try and make at home.

What was one of your favourite art pieces and why?

3 thoughts on “The ART SHOW

  1. Hi Miss M.
    Thank you for letting 2MS take a sneak – peak at “The Art Show”! While I was inn the M.L.C, I was lurking about the Year 6 section and I really liked the ones where it had a picture of something and they had red words on it.
    Which one was your favourite 2MS?
    See you at school, Zara

  2. My favourite artwork was Alex’s sister’s collage made out of tissue paper( besides mine ).

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