Multiplication: ARRAYS

We are exploring the concept of MULTIPLICATION.  In Year Two it is important that we understand this concept before we begin to memorize timetable facts.

Some new learning for us has been the strategy of making ARRAYS.

An array is a rectangular diagram divided into rows and columns.  When we read a multiplication number sentence the first number tells us how many rows to make and the second number is the amount in each row.  The answer is the total number.

For example this is an array for 5 X 4:


Here are some fact sheets that mums and dads might like to read to discover more about arrays.

Making groups & arrays

Arrays Factsheet

These came from a great website that has lots of clear explanations about Maths concepts:

Can you draw some arrays at home?  I would love to see some with the matching fact, repeated addition, lots of and answer 🙂

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