Movie Review: Inside Out

I went and saw a really great movie last night called Inside Out.


As I was watching I made a lot of connections to the Kimochis.  It is so important that we understand that we have different feelings and that we talk about them.  You need to make sure that one feeling is not taking charge all the time and that you make strong connections.  We all need to have strong personality islands – family, friends, hobbies, imagination, fun and HONESTY.

HONESTY is the Gospel value for Term Three and as many of the children in 2MS prepare to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation this will be a value we will talk a lot about.

Has anyone else seen Inside Out?  What did you like about? What can we learn from Riley and her ’emotions’?

Semester One 2015

We have made it half way through the year.  We have already done so much great learning and Mrs S & I are both so excited for what is to come next.

I have found a few photos that have not yet been shared.  Here they are:

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays: getting plenty of rest and having fun.  Make sure you are keeping up your reading.  Who is reading a really good book (or series) at the moment?  You might like to do a little writing too – I would love to read some monster or creature descriptions. What things have you been up to on the holidays so far?

Latest Dojo update

The term has ended with us being super busy.  As a result, we have had a bit of a back log with some of our Dojo rewards.  The winners have been very patient (as I have come to expect from the super stars in 2MS).  Grace had a day on the wobble chair.  Kobe & William finally got their lunch catch ups with the teachers.  We have also had another class photographer (Jackson) and bring a toy to school day…

When reflecting on the end of Term Two, it was great to hear 2MS students share that because we make good choices and focus on our learning we get to have fun together!  We sure have plenty of both.  Keep up the great thinking, working and sharing.