Hello from Rome

imageHi 2MS from Rome. I have been in the capital of Italy for 6 days & ithas been wonderful. There is a lot of history and everything is so BIG! I have been to the colosseum, lots of piazzas and churches. I went to the Vatican City and sent you a postcard (as Jack B requested ūüôā ). I will be travelling a little bit through Italy with the last stop in this country being Venice.

How did your Reconciliations go? I look forward to hearing about the Book Week parade too… Ciao Miss M ūüôā


Special Author Visit

Today we had the opportunity to meet Kim Kane. Kim is an amazing author who has written several children’s books. Some of her books include; Esther’s Rainbow, Family Forest, The Vegetable Ark and The Unexpected Crocodile. ¬†Kim showed us some pictures and told us stories about¬†where she gets her inspiration from. ¬†She also told us that¬†she had to write 18 drafts for ONE story. ¬†That takes some hard work and dedication!

Can you remember…

What is the picture book magic number?

Does anyone remember how long it can take to get a book published?

What is your favourite book written by Kim and why?

Which people are involved in making a picture book come together?

Kim finished off her presentation with two pieces of advice. The first one was to keep reading and to remember what it is that you enjoyed reading about!  The second piece of advice was, Tenacity.  Do you think you have what it takes to become an author?

Week 6 Update

There is always something interesting, new, fun or consolidating happening in 2MS.  This week has proven that.  We have continued to make sure we are ready to participate in a service of Reconciliation.  Fr Steven came and visited us.  He spoke about looking deep into our hearts and speaking to him with honesty.  Good luck to all the Year Two children who will make this Sacrament.

We have been measuring length and created some very cool pictures to prove we could measure accurately using centimetres.  Our fable innovations have been turned into a book that we took home today and we shared procedure packs with our families.  I loved seeing the moveable snails that mums, dads, brothers and sisters made by following our procedures.  Filling in the rubric was also a great way for us to get some feedback about our writing.

I look forward to hearing about all the learning that will happen over the next four weeks… Keep up the excellent work whilst I explore Europe ūüôā


My Reconciliation Booklet

This term we have been undertaking an inquiry into reconciliation and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  At the start of our inquiry we had many wonderings and these have guided our learning.  We have made discoveries about the steps of reconciliation, the key objects, symbols, signs and actions of the Sacrament of Penance and what happens at the rite of Penance.  We have spent a lot of time talking about the types of CHOICES we sometimes make that hurt our relationships (sins).

When preparing to talk with Fr Steven for the rite of Penance, each person needs to reflect on these choices and be ready to talk about them.

We have sent a booklet home for your family to work on this week. ¬†Spending time together talking ‘from this Sacrament‘ and about this Sacrament is really important. ¬†It will help ensure we feel less nervous and well prepared.




An array is a group of objects arranged in rows and columns. Each row has the same number of objects. ¬†Arrays are useful for skip counting and solving multiplication problems. ¬†Using arrays help us to develop an understanding of multiplication concepts. Arrays help students to see a visual representation of the computation process. ¬†We have made arrays on the computer using Kidspiration. ¬†We have used counters and tiles…

Other mathematical thinking we have used has included:


What have you enjoyed most about learning about multiplication?


Science Immersion Week Pt 2

Today we were visited by a scientist called Allison.  She helped us begin to explore some of the science behind LIGHT & SOUND.  We used our senses to complete a variety of demonstrations.  It was a hands on incursion that we actively participated in.  Allison commented on the excellent behaviour of our grade.  I was very proud!

What new science words did we learn?  Can you explain some of the demonstrations to your mum and dad? Is there a science question that you would like to explore more from this incursion?

Science IMMERSION experience

Today the Year Two level were visited by 4 scientists: Miss M, Mrs P, Mrs Mc and Mrs S.  Everyone can be a scientist!

We begun to learn about the scientific process which we are going to be exploring in the next few weeks.

With Miss M, we observed an experiment called “Teabag Rocket.” ¬†It was a pretty cool experiment that only needs three items: a tea bag, a non-flammable (fire proof) plate and matches. ¬†This experiment is only to be tried with adult supervision. ¬†You might like to explain to mum or dad how to make a tea bag rocket. ¬†There was a CHANGE TO THE TEA BAG CAUSED BY FIRE. We also learnt about changing a variable in an experiment.

With Mrs S we observed gloop being made.  This experiment involves a change of matter.  With Mrs P we made Elephant toothpaste.  This involved a big reaction that made a big mess!  Finally with Mrs Mc we made a fizzy inflate-or and an exploding sandwich bag.  These changes were caused by a reaction between two different materials.

We had to use our senses to make observations.  We also had to think about WHY things were happening.  This is called the evaluation.

We look forward to making more SCIENCE DISCOVERIES this term