Science IMMERSION experience

Today the Year Two level were visited by 4 scientists: Miss M, Mrs P, Mrs Mc and Mrs S.  Everyone can be a scientist!

We begun to learn about the scientific process which we are going to be exploring in the next few weeks.

With Miss M, we observed an experiment called “Teabag Rocket.”  It was a pretty cool experiment that only needs three items: a tea bag, a non-flammable (fire proof) plate and matches.  This experiment is only to be tried with adult supervision.  You might like to explain to mum or dad how to make a tea bag rocket.  There was a CHANGE TO THE TEA BAG CAUSED BY FIRE. We also learnt about changing a variable in an experiment.

With Mrs S we observed gloop being made.  This experiment involves a change of matter.  With Mrs P we made Elephant toothpaste.  This involved a big reaction that made a big mess!  Finally with Mrs Mc we made a fizzy inflate-or and an exploding sandwich bag.  These changes were caused by a reaction between two different materials.

We had to use our senses to make observations.  We also had to think about WHY things were happening.  This is called the evaluation.

We look forward to making more SCIENCE DISCOVERIES this term