An array is a group of objects arranged in rows and columns. Each row has the same number of objects.  Arrays are useful for skip counting and solving multiplication problems.  Using arrays help us to develop an understanding of multiplication concepts. Arrays help students to see a visual representation of the computation process.  We have made arrays on the computer using Kidspiration.  We have used counters and tiles…

Other mathematical thinking we have used has included:


What have you enjoyed most about learning about multiplication?


Science Immersion Week Pt 2

Today we were visited by a scientist called Allison.  She helped us begin to explore some of the science behind LIGHT & SOUND.  We used our senses to complete a variety of demonstrations.  It was a hands on incursion that we actively participated in.  Allison commented on the excellent behaviour of our grade.  I was very proud!

What new science words did we learn?  Can you explain some of the demonstrations to your mum and dad? Is there a science question that you would like to explore more from this incursion?