Week 6 Update

There is always something interesting, new, fun or consolidating happening in 2MS.  This week has proven that.  We have continued to make sure we are ready to participate in a service of Reconciliation.  Fr Steven came and visited us.  He spoke about looking deep into our hearts and speaking to him with honesty.  Good luck to all the Year Two children who will make this Sacrament.

We have been measuring length and created some very cool pictures to prove we could measure accurately using centimetres.  Our fable innovations have been turned into a book that we took home today and we shared procedure packs with our families.  I loved seeing the moveable snails that mums, dads, brothers and sisters made by following our procedures.  Filling in the rubric was also a great way for us to get some feedback about our writing.

I look forward to hearing about all the learning that will happen over the next four weeks… Keep up the excellent work whilst I explore Europe 🙂


2 thoughts on “Week 6 Update

  1. I had my Reconciliation today!
    It was not scary and it was very fast.
    I’m going on a holiday on Monday. See you guys ( not Miss M) in two weeks!

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