Special Author Visit

Today we had the opportunity to meet Kim Kane. Kim is an amazing author who has written several children’s books. Some of her books include; Esther’s Rainbow, Family Forest, The Vegetable Ark and The Unexpected Crocodile.  Kim showed us some pictures and told us stories about where she gets her inspiration from.  She also told us that she had to write 18 drafts for ONE story.  That takes some hard work and dedication!

Can you remember…

What is the picture book magic number?

Does anyone remember how long it can take to get a book published?

What is your favourite book written by Kim and why?

Which people are involved in making a picture book come together?

Kim finished off her presentation with two pieces of advice. The first one was to keep reading and to remember what it is that you enjoyed reading about!  The second piece of advice was, Tenacity.  Do you think you have what it takes to become an author?

6 thoughts on “Special Author Visit

  1. Great listening Zara! I also remember Kim saying that the glue used for a picture book cannot hold more than 32 pages.

  2. The magic number is eight and it can take about twelve years to get a picture published and on sale. The people who are involved are the author, the illustrator, the editor and the publisher. My favourite Kim Kane book is esthers rainbow. It explains that not only can you see colors but you can feel, hear, taste and touch them as well

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