Hello from Rome

imageHi 2MS from Rome. I have been in the capital of Italy for 6 days & ithas been wonderful. There is a lot of history and everything is so BIG! I have been to the colosseum, lots of piazzas and churches. I went to the Vatican City and sent you a postcard (as Jack B requested 🙂 ). I will be travelling a little bit through Italy with the last stop in this country being Venice.

How did your Reconciliations go? I look forward to hearing about the Book Week parade too… Ciao Miss M 🙂


9 thoughts on “Hello from Rome

  1. I’m on a holiday too! I’m at the Gold Coast.
    I’ve already been to Sea World, wet ‘n’ wild and Movie world. Today I’m going to the beach.

  2. I am missing you Miss M ! The photo at the Colosseum looks amazing. Hopefully our postcard will arrive at our school very soon. Have a great time Miss M !!

  3. Thanks Chloe! I’m having a wonderful time but thinking of 2MS & hoping you are all good too 🙂

  4. Hi Miss M,

    I hope you are having a fun time exploring the world. Reconciliation was good or belissimo in Itailan. I’ve been sad that you left and I’m looking forward to you coming back.

  5. Buon giorno Grace 🙂 I am having a fun time. Very glad to hear from you. Your comment has made me smile all the way in Venice. I fly next to London. Travelling is very exciting but I miss you all too.

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