Division Challenge

In our Maths sessions we are exploring different strategies to solve division number sentences and stories.  We are learning and using new division words.  For example we are using words like PARTITION and QUOTITION, divide by, sharing, EQUAL GROUPS and divisor.

In a partition division story, we have to work out  the number of items in each group.  For example 20 apples shared into 4 baskets, would be a partition story. The answer is the number of apples equally shared into a basket.  To get the answer we focused on the apples.

In a quotition story we have to work out how many groups would be made.  For example 20 apples with four in each basket, would be a quotition problem.  The answer would be how baskets we would need. To get this answer we focus on the baskets.

What is the answer?

Can you make up a division story that is partition?  Can you make up a story that is quotition?