Historians: Timelines

This term we are being historians.  Our inquiry learning will help us  discover what is still present from the past and how the past has influenced the present.  To begin with we are having a focus on different skills that historians use.  The first skill has been interpreting and creating timelines.  After looking at a variety of timelines, we created a success criteria for making a great timeline.  This included a title, events sequenced chronologically, labelling and creativity.  We used this criteria to assist us in making Personal Timelines.  This was a a very engaging task as we loved sharing photos from our past.

I wonder if you could make a digital timeline – using PowerPoint or a movie making app or website (I use Animoto a lot 🙂 )… I’d love to see them. 

2 thoughts on “Historians: Timelines

  1. Everyday I walk past the timeline display, I learn something new about the grade twos. I have been thoroughly impressed by the clarity of your timelines, Well Done 2MS!!! (and all of your photos are very cute, especially the ones from your Prep year)

  2. Hi Miss McHardy. Thanks for the feedback! We loved making them and are so glad people are looking at them as they walk through 🙂 Have a sparkly day…

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