Fraction Action

Our Maths focus at the moment is FRACTIONS… and they are so much fun!

We have explored understanding and recognising fractions of an object.





Next we will be working out how to find the fraction of a collection.  Lucky we were so clever at division because the skills we learnt will really help make that a piece of cake :)

We have been making sure we understand fraction notation.  What is the numerator?  What is the DENOMINATOR?

I set the challenge to find out what the line in a fraction is called.  I wonder who will be first to find out?

We have been comparing fractions when we made our great Fraction Artworks (up on display in the foyer of the FLC).  For example 1/2 = 2/4 and 2/4 = 4/8.   These are called equivalent fractions.  What have we also noticed about the size of the parts as the denominator gets bigger? Can you use the fraction wall to compare other fractions and find some more equivalent fractions?









Check out this website and have some fun with a fraction wall at home:

You might even like to show mum or dad how we made some fraction rectangles in a Word document.

5 thoughts on “Fraction Action

  1. The denominator is the bottom number 1/3 ( in this case the three ) and the numerator is the top number ( the one )

  2. Well explained Grace. You have done some great thinking about fractions. You are always trying to learn things. I’m really proud of you as a learner 🙂

  3. Hi Miss M,
    I found out that the line in the fraction is called Vinculum. I have really enjoyed learning all about fractions & I am excited to learn about measurement.

  4. Well Done Chloe – that is spot on. It is a funny word isn’t it 🙂 Great maths thinking, super star!

  5. Hi Miss M
    I know what the numerator and the denominater is.
    For example 4/10 of 20. The denominater is 10 so that means you have to get 20 into 10 groups. The numerator is 4 so that means you need to get 4 of the groups and count them all together. Then you have the answer which is 8.
    4/10 of 20 = 8

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