History Research Project

Over the last few weeks, we have been heading to the computer lab to work on our “Back to the Future; History Research Projects”.  After listening to our guests speakers and surveying family members about what Grade Two was like in the past, each person selected an aspect of our daily living that has changed over time.  Students indicated if they wanted to work independently, with a partner or in a group of three.  People with similar topics were partnered up and we went through the project must haves.  We began to research our topics and work in collaboration on the Google drive to create presentations.  There were many new skills we all learnt about Google slides, sharing docs and using folders on the drive.  It was amazing to watch pairs and three all working together on their own computer, on the one slide presentation.  At the end of Week Ten, we presented our slides to the grade and gave each other feedback.  The feedback was very positive because the presentations were great.

This project has been an amazing learning opportunity.  Here are a few examples of presentations (but they look much better when viewing them through Google Slides):

camera – Kate & Logan

Computer Games – Brodie

Have you shown your mum and dad your presentations?  

What new skills did you learn? 

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