WALT: create displays of data using lists, table and picture graphs and interpret them

Our first Maths topic is Data & Graphing.  We are using the skills of collecting data and making graphs to help us get to know each other better but to learn how to think like mathematicians.

On Friday we had a data collecting session that introduced us to some new types of graphs:

Do you know some different types of graphs? Can you find some graphs at home?

Can you make up some questions to match our graphs in the classroom that a classmate can answer?

What could be some other interesting questions we could collect data about to get to know each other better?

Open Classroom 2016

Thanks to all the parents (and brothers & sisters & grandmas) who dropped in to visit our classroom on Thursday.  It was lovely to meet you all and to see how proud the new students in 2MS were to show off their new tidy tubs and “Out of this World” artwork.

We asked each family to complete a little getting to know you sheet.  I really enjoyed reading these and finding out the different things students are interested in and the goals that your parents think are important as you start Year Two.  Mums and Dads were also asked to write five words to describe their child.  I typed these words into a Wordcloud generator (http://www.wordclouds.com/).  The bigger the word the more times it was written down….


It is great to know that we have so many students who are friendly, happy, kind, funny, and helpful. It is also good to know that a lot of us are sensitive.  Year Two is an important year to really build resilience and learn strategies that will help us handle situations that might feel a bit tricky.