PLACE VALUE: digits and numbers


We have begun our Maths unit focused on PLACE VALUE.  Our understanding of how numbers are made up of digits that hold a place will be the foundation for all our Number learning this year.  We have made a set of arrow cards to help develop and consolidate the concept that each digit in a number holds a place. Using arrow cards is great at helping students to understand expanded notation.  This video explains this concept:

I miss calculated my photocopying of the template.  If you would like to have a set at home, just ask 🙂

I will be on the watch for learners who are able to explain how to use the cards to make a demonstration video using the “ShowMe” app.  I wonder if anyone has used this app before?  Stay tuned for more PLACE VALUE ideas but for now…

Some quick practice ideas:

  • pick a number and count backwards and forwards from it
  • pick a number – what would be ten more, ten less, 100 more, 100 less, etc.

Dare to make a DIFFERENCE: where does food come from?

Now that we have settled into the year and understand how to be “out of this world” learners, it is now time to begin our first inquiry learning together.  In the Church season of Lent, we are called to dare to be disciples by praying, fasting and almsgiving.  This is the inspiration for our ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP inquiry, “Dare to make a difference”.  Our inquiry learning will lead us to a basic understanding of some economic concepts.  To begin with we are going to be finding out about where goods and products come from (in particular the food we eat).  Building from this, we want to explore what influences people to buy the products they do.

As part of our tuning in, we used a concept map to show what we already know and some wonderings we have.  We will investigated the contents of our class bin after having had our lunch…

This was our combined thinking made using mindmup:

Food mindmup

This is what our tuning in sessions looked like:

What did we discover from the data?  What was the most common food item in our lunch boxes? in our bin? Is there an action we can already take that will make a difference?