PLACE VALUE: digits and numbers


We have begun our Maths unit focused on PLACE VALUE.  Our understanding of how numbers are made up of digits that hold a place will be the foundation for all our Number learning this year.  We have made a set of arrow cards to help develop and consolidate the concept that each digit in a number holds a place. Using arrow cards is great at helping students to understand expanded notation.  This video explains this concept:

I miss calculated my photocopying of the template.  If you would like to have a set at home, just ask 🙂

I will be on the watch for learners who are able to explain how to use the cards to make a demonstration video using the “ShowMe” app.  I wonder if anyone has used this app before?  Stay tuned for more PLACE VALUE ideas but for now…

Some quick practice ideas:

  • pick a number and count backwards and forwards from it
  • pick a number – what would be ten more, ten less, 100 more, 100 less, etc.

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