Bridging through ten when counting to 1000

We have just completed a Place Value unit.  There has been a lot of great learning that has happened.  Students have been able to model 3-digit numbers using MAB.  They have developed an understanding of standard form and expanded form (234 = 200 + 30 + 4).  They have used arrow cards to demonstrate that each digit holds a value – especially the internal zero (307 = 3 hundreds, 0 tens and 7 ones).

There is one thing that has been tricky for many of the students in 2MS – counting & writing the next numbers in a sequence, when the numbers are three digits and have to bridge over ten or into the next hundred.  For example, when writing the numbers that come next in a sequence such as 126, 127, 128… many students recorded 129, 200, 300, 400 as the next 4 numbers in the sequence.

Bridging through ten is an important skill.  It would be beneficial for Year Two students to practice counting to 1000 over the holidays.  Here are some resources that could be used to assist your child develop this understanding:

I also have some number charts that can be emailed to parents who are interested.  Let me know in the comments or through Dojo if this may be useful.