Maths App Suggestion

I just came across a category of Maths App you may like to consider:  Math Slide


I have checked out “Math Slide: hundreds, tens, ones”  It’s free (there are In-App Purchases so be careful with your settings) and it provides good practice of the place value concepts we have explored!  

Repeated Reading Fun


A strategy that is used regularly in my teacher focus groups is “Timed Repeated Reading”.  Timed repeated readings are an instructional practice for monitoring students’ fluency development. Repeated readings, under timed conditions, of familiar instructional level text can increase students’ reading speed which can improve comprehension.  You can also use this strategy at home as part of your child’s nightly reading.

This clip explains how you can use repeated reading at home:

I read the text “Let’s Go Skating.”  With fluency and accuracy, it took me 57 seconds.

Let’s Go Skating

I wonder how long it takes you to read it with fluency and accuracy (that means you have to re-read it many times so you make no errors & don’t forget to stop at full stops).

Partner check up

Dare to: Keep Greensborough Great!


The Year Two teachers will be working this week to plan and prepare for Term Two.  The next focus for RE/Inquiry learning is going to be called “Dare to: Keep Greensborough Great!”  This inquiry learning will help students develop skills and understandings in the areas of GEOGRAPHY and MAPPING.  Students in Year Two need to develop their understanding of the local community.  Some questions we will be exploring include: What is a place? How are people connected to their place and other places? What factors affect my connections to places?  We will also be exploring the sacred places that are important to our faith tradition, as described in bible stories.

Before planning we always find out what students already know about our focus and any questions they might like to investigate.  The students in 2MS have come up with some great questions about Greensborough and what they would like to learn about geography.

I wonder what the mums and dads would like us to learn about the local community of Greensborough and geography? Your comment would be greatly appreciated 🙂