Dare to Make a Difference: Learning More, Creating Change!

As part of our economic inquiry, we have worked in Action Teams to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  This step in the inquiry came after exploring what influences the food we eat and buy (most commonly marketing, price and sources of ingredients); some processes involved in food production and also discovering that we can be a bit wasteful. We also developed our understanding that the season of Lent had actions that really connected to this learning: prayer, FASTING and ALMSGIVING.  Lent is a time to reflect on ways we are wasteful or extravagant in our living in order to give them up (fast) and also to give alms.  Giving alms is about reaching out to those in need.  At our school we do this annually by supporting the work of Caritas through Project Compassion.  So we put these two things together (economics & faith) to take our learning further…

All the Year Twos worked through an inquiry process to plan and promote a fundraising day for Project Compassion.  After coming up with the idea to have a topsy turvy day (students as teachers and teachers as students), each action team was allocated a grade to be responsible for.  They then allocated different jobs to each other.  There were team mates who created PowerPoints to explain the work of Caritas and Project Compassion.  There were team mates who created advertisements.  There were team mates who created a booklet of ideas for teachers to use on the day.  When all jobs were completed, the teams presented to the Year Five and Six classes.  They did an amazing job 🙂

The action day arrived and the school was full of students dressed as teachers and some brave teachers dressed in school uniforms.  There was even a guess the teachers photo display – some have changed a lot and some have not at all.

We would thank everyone for dressing up and donating a gold coin to help us carry out our action plan for inquiry.  We had fun learning about new activities such as, yoga, origami, calligraphy, Indonesian words and sign language.  Everyone seemed to have enjoyed this fun filled day especially the students who were able to dress up as their teachers.  It was really fun to see the teachers dressed in school uniforms as well.  Some teachers even had pigtails and braids.  Thank you to the whole school for working together to make this day a success.  We are so proud that as a school we have raised $1024.85 to donate to Caritas.

Our learning was called “Dare to MAKE A DIFFERENCE” and we really did.  I am so proud of 2MS.  What a wonderful first term of learning!