Dare to Keep Greensborough Great!

To help get us switched onto our field study inquiry, we went on a local walk.  We were on the look for natural (managed) and built features.  We were also wanting to observe and collect data about ways the local environment is cared for (& by whom) and how it might be being damaged.  As we walked around, we also chatted about places we are CONNECTED to.  We had a great time walking, observing, hypothesising and collecting data.  Thanks to our parent helpers who kept us safe, asked interesting questions and shared some of the connections and knowledge they had about our local area.

What was a place you had a connection to that we walked past?What did we discover about natural and built environments? Do you now have a question or idea that we might need to explore further?

What must we remember when crossing roads?

One thought on “Dare to Keep Greensborough Great!

  1. The football club we went past is where I play football.
    The trees are sometimes put there by the council.

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