SEL lesson: Jealousy

Each Wednesday this term, 2Ms and 1L are joining up for an SEL lesson (Social & Emotional learning). Today we talked about feeling jealous. It is ok to feel jealous and everyone at some time will have this feeling.  We can sometimes feel very jealous, a little jealous or perhaps not jealous at all (depending on the situation).  When we feel jealous, a good strategy to try and use is to remember to be GRATEFUL.

Being grateful is about thinking about other things you have or do that make you lucky and it is about being THANKFUL.

Turn your jealous feeling into a grateful feeling.  Also it is good to be happy for others when something good happens to them or they get something special.  If we are a good friend to someone we can be happy for them and not need to be the same.

What are you grateful for?


3 thoughts on “SEL lesson: Jealousy

  1. I was grateful for the opportunity yesterday afternoon to visit the 2MS classroom and see you all enthusiastically learning about different kinds of words!

    Last night Flynn said “it is two days until my soccer and six days until Audrey’s riding … I am glad that we both have hobbies”. This was great for Flynn because he had felt and said last week that he was very jealous watching Audrey horse riding. A very well-timed lesson for Flynn, Thankyou Ms Morse x

  2. Thank you for that great feedback Helen. The 2MS learners really showed how to focus on their Daily Five activities. They are doing a great job 🙂

  3. As we start our day today, we are grateful for… our nice school, our wonderful teacher :), fresh drinking water, our beautiful families, yummy food, being able to learn lots of cool stuff, and helpful and friendly classmates.

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