If you were an adjective…

We are tuning into our new writing unit: DESCRIPTIVE WRITING.  In order to be able to record really great descriptive writing you must be able to use adjectives and adverbs.  We have been finding out and expanding our knowledge of these types of words.

Today we thought about adjectives that we would use to describe ourselves.  Each student selected ten adjectives that describe themselves…

We have also been hunting for adjectives as we read and thinking about the categories adjectives belong to (personality, appearance, time, colour, etc.).

When you are doing your nightly reading you might record adjectives you spot author’s using.

Here is a reminder about what adjectives and adverbs are:



2 thoughts on “If you were an adjective…

  1. Hi 2MS,
    Marcus and I watched the video of the students describing themselves using 10 adjectives…
    So Marcus decided to join in and come up with 10 that describe him:
    Cool, sporty, funny, talkative, helpful, friendly, crazy, amazing, clever and mathematician??


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