Flipped learning: Subtraction Facts

At the moment we are exploring using directional language.  We will be continuing this work and also look at bird’s eye view maps.  We will then be moving onto SUBTRACTION.  You might like to get ahead start on this maths unit…

Year Two students are expected to be able to recall basic subtraction facts (5 -3, 10 -4, 6-2, etc). They also need to be able to see the connection between addition facts and subtraction facts.  This can sometimes be referred to as fact families:


Can you have ago at making some fact families?


You can also practice addition facts by playing this game: http://www.fun4thebrain.com/addition/alienmunchadd.html

or trying this one out: http://www.mathplayground.com/mobile/numbertwins_fullscreen.htmhttp://www.mathplayground.com/mobile/numbertwins_fullscreen.htm


Happy Mother’s Day 2016

I would like to wish all the 2MS mums (and that includes mine :)) a very happy day today.  We have been talking about all the things that we love about our mums.  The list was endless…

Everyday we are grateful for all that you do for us and all that you are for us!

Daily Five: Building Reading Stamina

Stamina is necessary for all areas of learning: reading, writing, sitting, listening, meditating, etc. We have to grow the ability to do all tasks while staying focused and without getting tired. We can build super readers, writers, listeners, etc. one minute at a time! 






As part of our reading block, we incorporate Daily Five activities.   Two of the daily five tasks are READ to SELF and READ to SOMEONE.  These both require reading stamina:


You can work on tracking your stamina when doing your nightly reading at home: Stamina Meters.  This week we will be using “Whisper Phones” during our READ to SELF session. These will also help us focus on improving our fluency.  The Whisper phone allows the reader to hear themselves and no one else…

IMG_1432 IMG_1434