Dare to FAIL and to SUCCEED: Tuning In

Our third inquiry focus is SCIENCE.  Through our inquiry learning, we will explore and work through two processes: the SCIENTIFIC PROCESS and an ENGINEERING PROCESS.

To begin this inquiry, we had a visit from a scientist called Liz and participated in the HANDS ON SCIENCE incursion. This was a great learning experience that helped us form some wonderings about the science behind light and sound. What did you discover from this incursion?  What were some science words used?

This inquiry will not only focus on SCIENCE concepts but will also help us develop a GROWTH MINDSET.  Science is a really good area for us to learn that we are not always going to be successful the very first time we try something.  The three Year Two teachers proved this be demonstrating three science experiments on Thursday that we were not sure would work.  We hoped that they would but there was a chance they might not.  My experiment was called Tea Bag Rocket. What did you like about our science immersion?

On Friday, we then worked on a team challenge.  Throughout the coming weeks, we will be working in lots of different groups on Science and STEM challenges.   It is important that we learn skills to work together.  This beginning challenge was a lot of fun:

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