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Our literacy focus is investigating “What features make a GREAT procedural text?”  We are reading procedures, we are following procedures and we have begun to start writing our own.  To be able to write a great procedure, we are thinking about “How can we explain an idea clearly & compellingly.” Being clear is really important and making it interesting for the audience is too!

We loved reading and innovating on the story “How to sneak a monster into school“:

We had ago at following a light procedure to make a spectroscope:

We even learnt how to do Humming Breath

Can you find some examples of procedure texts at home? What features make a GREAT procedure? What are imperative verbs? Can you think of a topic you could write a procedure for? Could you write a procedure to match this YouTube video: 

Slipper Day

The weather is chilly but the toes in 2MS were toasty warm on Friday.  After a little bit of re-negotiation, Emma chose to pick a Dojo Reward that we could all share in: “Slipper Day”. I wonder if you can match the slippers to the classmate…

I hope someone else picks this reward.  As someone said, “It felt like my feet have been on clouds.” 🙂

WALT to investigate: “How can we best describe shapes?”

Our subtraction unit has come to an end and the students in 2MS have made lots of great discoveries about strategies we can use to solve subtraction equations.  At home it is important that students keep practicing the automatic recall of basic number facts (addition and subtraction).  For our ten facts, doubles, near doubles and facts under 20, we really want to have automatic responses (no fingers needed) and the only way to do this is practice, practice and more practice.

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring features of 2D and 3D shapes.

I wonder if any students in 2MS know what the D stands for? What shapes can you find around your home?

Someone had a wondering about how shapes are connected to science (& engineering). I think this building might help us answer that wondering…

Federation_Square_Melbourne.I wonder if anyone knows what this building is?  What shape do you notice in this structure? Are there any other famous buildings made from the same shape? I wonder why?