Slipper Day

The weather is chilly but the toes in 2MS were toasty warm on Friday.  After a little bit of re-negotiation, Emma chose to pick a Dojo Reward that we could all share in: “Slipper Day”. I wonder if you can match the slippers to the classmate…

I hope someone else picks this reward.  As someone said, “It felt like my feet have been on clouds.” 🙂

2 thoughts on “Slipper Day

  1. I remember that Marcus and I had the same slippers and Emma & Isabella had the same slippers to also Ashley and Lachlan same slippers as well.

  2. What a fantastic day it was, especially on fantastic Friday. I would like to say a very big thank you to Emma for choosing her Dojo prize as a class slipper wearing day. I would also like to say thanks to Miss Morse and Mrs Sorockjy for organising this amazing and fun day for 2MS.

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