PHYSICAL SCIENCE: Materials Investigation

2Ms is working on a two week inquiry investigation into the properties of materials.  This week we have been building our vocabulary to be able to describe materials like a scientist.  We have also be sorting materials, observing materials,  hypothesizing (having a guess) and testing our thinking.  SORTING, DESCRIBING, OBSERVING, HYPOTHESIZING and TESTING are all things scientists do.

What are some new words you have discovered the meaning of that can be used to describe materials?

On Friday we undertook a GLOVE investigation.  I put the call out for students to search for gloves around their house.  We could not believe how many different types of gloves there were…

Once we had sorted our gloves, we had to reflect on why different gloves are made from different materials.  We then had to choose another object/item that could be made from different materials.  This was a bit tricky.  We found it hard to think of an item and even harder to think about the materials they were made from.  Some people thought about different balls (we had to google to find out what they were made from).  Some people suggested shoes but then found it hard to think of different shoes and to know what they were made from and why.

Here are three different pairs of shoes.


What materials is each made from and why? Can you find another example at home – maybe of different shoes or perhaps a different item (maybe boxes? a particular toy? your own idea?)?