“What features make a GREAT procedural text?”

We have continued to investigate “What features make a GREAT procedural text?”  We have been focusing on understanding that to be able to write a great procedure, we have to think about “How can we explain an idea clearly & compellingly.”  Being clear is really important and making it interesting for the audience is too! The sequence of the steps is also super important.

We watched a Mister Maker clip about making an Elephant Peg Holder.  We used this video to practice writing our own procedure.  I loved reading each one and could see evidence of students being clear and compelling, correctly using imperative verbs and even people using brackets (to add extra information).

We also had a lot of fun making our own as we revised our writing:

IMG_2290 IMG_2291 IMG_2292





You might like to write a procedure for this easy craft activity:

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