Multiplication Magicians

We are exploring MULTIPLICATION. 


Before we learn to recall time table facts, it is important that we understand that multiplication is about:

  • Equal groups
  • Counting patterns
  • Repeated addition

We also have just discovered that multiplication has a commutativity property just like addition.  For example 2 groups of 10 is 20 and 10 groups of 2 is also 20.  The total is the same but what we count by & how many times we count changes.

Can you practice making some groups of (lots of, fish tanks of, baskets of, vases of) at home?

You could check out this website: Making groups of

This will help you start to see how to show groups on grid paper and using arrays.

Mums and dads might like to read theis handout to refresh their memories about groups and arrays:

Making groups and arrays

4 thoughts on “Multiplication Magicians

  1. That is a clever way to show two rows of four, which is the same as 2 x 4. Good work Jack.

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