Rio 2016

downloadThis week we have an Olympic theme to our Daily Five activities.  It has already been an exciting start to the 2016 games. I wonder what sports you are looking forward to watching?

You might like to keep track of the medal count: 

Pick a day and complete this challenge:

If Gold=3 points, Silver=2 points, Bronze =1 point…

How many points do the top 5 teams have?

Explain how you worked it out.

Our Inquiry unit this term has been called “Dare to fail and to succeed.”  I wonder if this applies to the athletes participating in the Olympic games? What can we learn from the athletes about having a growth mindset?

A great day in 2MS

On Friday the 5th of August, Levi took charge of the class camera as his dojo winners prize.  He was set the challenge to catch 2MS learners doing great things.  He took so many photos that the battery on the camera went flat.

Thanks Levi, you did a great job capturing so many awesome learning moments.