The Year Twos Shine at the school performance

It is hard to believe that after so many weeks of learning, preparations & dance rehearsals, the 2016 School Performance is over.  We were so proud of the Year Two students.  Throughout Term Three they did some fantastic learning about Science, which we were then able to share in our act “Dare to Fail and to Succeed”.  All the students were focused and cooperative during the performance practices.  They helped us to come up with the moves for our four songs.  They listened to instructions, took on advice and encouraged each other.  Our actors were very well prepared and delivered their lines so clearly.  On both nights the students were excellent audience members during the first half before performing with enthusiasm and pizzaz! We could not be more proud of them… We dared to succeed and we certainly did…

One thought on “The Year Twos Shine at the school performance

  1. What a truly awesome performance, well done to everyone involved especially all the Grade 2 students and teachers 🙂

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