Term Four Update

Whilst things have been a bit quiet here on the blog, the same cannot be said for the happenings in 2MS.  We have prepared and celebrated our First Reconciliation.  We have participated in a six week swimming safety program.  We have learnt about the two types of division (partition & quotition); explored fractions; discovered things about maps and used chance language.  We have written fable innovations and even an original fable each.  We also have written some amazingly convincing persuasive texts and our Daily Five reading is through the roof! (Also ask your child about “The Garden of Empress Cassia). Inquiry learning has been like a tour around the world, discovering and sharing things about our family heritage and cultural backgrounds.  This very interesting learning culminated on Friday with a cultural festival day as we “Dared to celebrate us” and did we ever!  No wonder we are all tired, with just one week left together as a class.  It will be a great week too!  The fun and learning never stops!

Week Ten has seen all the students in 2MS really shine and we have been so impressed with their team work and learning.  We are two very  very proud teachers…


4 thoughts on “Term Four Update

  1. The learners in 2 MS are awesome. I was so very impressed by your enthusiasm, the information you gave me verbally and your professionalism at your cultural day last Friday. Congratulations to you all. Your teachers and your parents are very proud. It felt like I went on a little holiday around the world! Almost at the end of the year now, and you are all tired – as are your parents and teachers – so be good to each other & patient and kind.
    PS. Flynn has loved reading ” The Garden of Empress Cassia” … going to try and track it down!

  2. Wonderful job 2MS, creating great memories to treasure as well as learning so much!

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